Department of Theory and Methodology of World History - Державна установа «Інститут всесвітньої історії НАН України»

The department was founded in 2014.

At the ideological origins of a comprehensive understanding of the civilization structure of the world and theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of world history was the prominent historian, philosopher and cultural scientist, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Yuriy Pavlenko.

Areas of research of the department:

- the theory of historical knowledge and methodology of the study of world history;

- theoretical problems of the world-historical process and the philosophy of history;

- history of the world and world history;

- theory and history of international relations;

- peculiarities of world cultural and civilizational development in the era of globalization and regionalization;

- topical issues of international security;

Study of the problems of historical memory (memory studies).

The subject of scientific research of the department covers general theoretical and methodological principles of the study of world history, the study of the history of different countries in the context of world history, the comprehension of the world-historical process and the problems of historical memory and philosophy of history, a comprehensive analysis of historical sources and the formation of a modern system of international relations, urgent threats to international security and challenges to Ukraine's national security.

The topics of the Scientific research work for 2018-2020 are:

"The problem of historical memory in the world-historical discourse (1945-2015 gg.)."

Director of the Institute, Doctor of Historical Sciences (1995), Professor (1997), Honored Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine (2012).
Deputy Director for Scientific Work
Doctor of Political Science, Professor.
Leading Research Fellow. Candidate of Political Science, Senior Research Fellow.
Senior Researche Fellow. Doctor of Historical Sciences (2000), Doctor of Philosophy (1995), Professor (2012).
Chief Research Fellow, Doctor of Historical Sciences (1989).
Senior Research Fellow. Candidate of Philosophy (1985), Associate Professor (1991).
Senior Research Fellow. Candidate of Political Science (2010).
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